Live Link Pose Ignored?

I’m attempting to FaceAR running in UE 4.23, but it doesn’t work at all.
It notes on the live link pose node that it “was visible but ignored”:


I also noticed the new input pose pin. That pose node was the “input” in previous versions of Unreal.
Is there another live link input that works for FaceAR?

I am having the same issue. Did you ever figure it out?

Unfortunately not. But I’m in contact with Epic. They’re just on vacation at the moment and will return early January. I hope to get this resolved then. So far FaceAR only works on 4.21 for me.

i have the same problem with unreal 4.24. have you ever solved it? did Epic employees replied you?

Yes. You have to deploy with the corresponding version.
For a 4.24 project to receive tracking data , you have to deploy the app on your iPhone from the 4.24 sample project.

Do you mean that you compiled and livelink succeeded? I still can’t livelink to PC with 4.24 version deployed to iphone, and I also encounter the problem that the Livelink node is ignored like you.

Did it work with another version before? Is the phone listed in the LiveLink window?

I have the same problem default pose was visible but ignored bende de aynı problem var knife-m4a1 yaptım çalışıyor ak47çalışmıyor poz geliyor ama oyunu başlattıgımda grekli tuşa bastıgımda silah ayagımda görünüyor