Live Link Face Rigger / Auto Blendshapes/Morph Targets Maker?


I tried out the Face AR Sample project and it worked beautifully with my iPhone. The hard part is to make 63+ morph targets / blendshapes for the 3D characters.

Is there a plugin or tool to automatically generate the blendshapes required for live link to work?

Currently, I’m making the blendshapes manually in Maya and some scripting helped. But it’s still pretty time consuming depending on the workload.

If you use blender, you can try faceit.

If you use Daz3d, you can use facemojo

or facemotion

or faceshifter, which is free

Didn’t know about other dcc tools though.

Here’s a video and info how Kite and Lightning do it. iPhone X Facial Capture test PART 4 - GAME CHARACTERS - YouTube

Thank you, fengkan! These resources were very useful and the output is great.

I ended up buying FaceIt and FaceMojo! Worth the price!

Blender FaceIt