Live Link Face Frame Rate

Hi all, I am developing a pipeline to align motion capture data and data from the Live Link Face app.

My question is, what rate are the .csv’s from Live Link Face recorded at? My assumption is that they are at 59.94Hz like the videos but it is unclear from the data.

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Not sure if this relates but i’malso interested in knowing. I’m mixing live action filming 25fps and wondering if there is a setting to change the frame rate from 60 to 50fps?

I have not been able to find anything in the documentation but the videos captured from the Live Link App are at 59.90 FPS (Frames per second). The CSV data is most likely aligned to that.

I like the way this guy showed how to import data into Unreal and set it up…perhaps it will be helpful for you.

Note on Terminology

  • Hz is hertz and is often used to refer to screen refresh rates (among other things) but as that is not the right terminology, it is important to search FPS or frame rate when thinking about his topic. FYI.

Confirm the FPS of your video from Live Link Face App:

without importing into some other app like After Effects, Premiere, Resolve, etc.

Live Action Filming @ 25fps

  • As for aligning your facial capture (assumption because you are asking about using Live Link Face) to the footage that you are capturing in pal (25fps), it depends on the usage of the footage. For example, if you are going to use Unreal to “render” a character and composite it in an external program (like After Effects, Nuke, Natron, etc.) vs. bringing in the footage into Unreal one way or another. Either way, it might be best to look up reinterpreting your footage or converting footage from 59.90 fps to 25fps or 25fps to 59.90fps. Various things to learn in that process from avoiding slow motion, dropped frames, interlacing, etc. but there are easy ways in premiere and after effects (among other programs) to do that.