(Live link face) Bind xgen eyebrows to face mesh with blendshapes

Hello guys,

So i’m trying to control a character in real-time using Live link face. The facial expressions works just fine, but the problem is that my character has xgen interactive hair and eyebrows from maya. I have the hair/ eyebrows scalps with the AR blendshapes and the scalps of the xgen description. When I blendshape these two versions of the same scalp together, the brows follows the mesh just fine in maya, but it’s not like that in Unreal.

My question is:
How do we make the xgen eyebrows follows the character facial movements controlled by live link face?
Do we have to convert xgen into something to optimize the real-time rendering or it’s fine as it is?

I found a thread but the solution doesn’t work for me, as I cannot drop anything into my binding asset:

Thank you very much!


Hey Rosa did you find a fix for this. I am planning to do the same. It would be awesome if you could share your result. Cheers!

Hi, I have same question with you. The eyebrow cannot fit blendshape with the character’s expression.