Live Link Face App -- LiveLink Plugin can not see Iphone X

Hello, I have issue where the Live Link plugin inside of unreal does not see my iphoneX running the new Live Link Face app. I tried through Wifi and even bought a lightning network adapter.

As a test to see if live link plugin and ports on my computer were working, I tried iclone face tracker and it worked fine. Was able to live link my iphone through iclone ecosystem. Live link picked up the connection. So I don’t know what going on. I created a static IP for target system also. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Enabled Live Link Plugin
  • Enabled Arkit Plugin
  • Enabled Arkit Face Support
  • Created Static IP for target computer.
  • Downloaded Live Link Face App from App store and input’ed ‘Targets’ IP address of my machine running Unreal

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Hey, maybe some problems with port? Try to close all applications (like skype, teamviewer and etc).

Same problem here

Strangely it’s working fine in the 4.24 with the older protocol. In the 4.25 doesn’t appear in the Live Link Tab.

Yop i can confirm same thing … it works on 4.24 and in 4.25 it has a problem to connect

I have it working in 4.25. It didn’t show up at first but after making sure both devices were on the same network.
I tried leaving the port number empty and that did it for me.

In fact , 4.25 has changed protocal.You can download the Live Link Face app and choose the version of protocal

After you type in your target IP address, point your face to the iPad camera, outline your face’s wiring, and you’ll see your phone in the Live Link panel

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Hello, same problem… have you find solution ?

I had the same problem, set your network from public to private. This solved it for me.


thanks a lot! that solved it for me!

Same problem here. But Could not solve it, usng MacOS.

I finally find out, I had to add my IP + default gateway IP address. And I tiped myself the port 11111

For anyone strill struggling, here is a checklist: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

And a youtube video: Live Link not working? Here's a checklist - Unreal 5 [Tutorial] - YouTube

actually iam using a virtual pc from amazon, so my computer and the device is not on the same network…how can I connect livelink ?? pls help