Live in Asia? Too bad.

So I contacted Epic about the inability to pay from Asia (because obviously, no one has a credit card here? :confused:), and the reply basically amounted to telling me to check back constantly. Why the hell would I do that? I’m not going to do additional work in order to give someone else money. If they gave a ****, they’d contact anyone who wrote in asking about it when it was ready. But no, I’m expected to take the time to check and see if they’ve bothered to fix it yet.

Now isn’t someone self entitled…

I somehow doubt Epic is going to set up a region based email notification system about the payment options just for your $20. And since you are unable to pay for stuff, I am assuming you are not a company, but an individual. You are the one looking for an engine to do… whatever it is you’re doing, and it is in your interest to get UE4. So, yeah, you can take 60 seconds out of your oh-so-busy schedule, and get on once a month to check if new payment options are available. Just try not to collapse under the strain of doing all this additional work.

Or, you know, a company, based in Asia. But that possibility must hurt your brain something awful.

Which company do you work for?

Get someone to pay it for you. I couldn’t pay either(I’m in EU), so I’ve asked my friend to pay for me in exchange for some shiny gold. If there is will, there will be a way.

UE4 was just released you cant expect them to have payment options for EVERYONE. just give it some time. or figure out another option you cant get paypal?

Serious question: does paypal work here? I can’t find the option for it. I only see credit card fields, with a few countries greyed out.

It does not. Yet.

Well, don’t use it then. Epic are more than likely currently swamped with issues which are to be expected from such a major launch, I would personally rather they concentrate more on rectifying the problems than wasting time constantly sending personal messages to individual users.

Fibericon, you raise a very good point with regard to notification of payment options and I agree “check back often” doesn’t cut it as an answer from us. Which country are you in?

The countries listed as “coming soon” under payment are pending some contractual negotiations so we can’t give you an update on an ETA. It’s a bummer as it clearly is frustrating to be blocked from purchasing all while everyone else can play with the engine and tools. I wish we would have been able to address this before launch, but sadly weren’t able to do so :frowning:

Thanks for the reply, Daniel. I’m in Taiwan, if that makes a difference, and I do understand legalese regarding entering different countries, particularly with software/information. I imagine it must have further complications as some regulators might label UE as CAD software. And yes, perhaps my posts have been somewhat harsh, but upon telling the CS agent that the answer was unsatisfactory, I received something of an “oh well, them’s the breaks” in response.

If the CS agent had said what you said, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Even so, there needs to be some way to notify people of when it does become available. If there was a mailing list, or a newsletter, that alerted anyone subscribed with updates, that would be satisfactory. The fact of the matter is, people are by and large going to just forget to keep checking back. The internet has been hell on attention spans, but people were bad about that even before.

fibericon, I’m sorry you received such a poor customer support response. Would you mind forwarding me the response so I can ensure others don’t have the same experience?

My email address is and I can notify you personally the moment we have resolved our issues with payment in certain Asian countries including Taiwan. :slight_smile:

The Unreal people seem really polite.

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for reviving a relatively old thread. How about Malaysia? I’m really eager to use UE4 to start developing my project. Thanks!

It looks to be > 1 month out still and I can only imagine how frustrating this exclusion must be. My apologies :frowning:

Hi, Daniel it sure is frustrating. I try to pacify myself by watching the tutorial videos and imagine myself clicking along with Zak… but soon I will be venturing into the “watching re-runs” territory.

So, basically I’m curious… now that we’re almost one month out and with Paypal up (great job!), do you have any new update at all for the group in Asia who unfortunately still remain excluded?

Thanks a million!

We are hoping to be able to lift the restrictions next week. knocks on wood

Thanks… it’s good to hear that the “curfew” may very well be lifted soon. I’m itching to plug away at a couple of new Blueprint projects.

Sounds great. I’ve been waiting for a few months for this.

Hooray! The “curfew” has been lifted for my country and I am already downloading stuff.

Hope it’s the same case for you.