Live Focused Learning Tutorials --

Hi all…

I wanted to determine if there is any interest in having a weekly / bi-weekly / monthly (TBD) small group of people be a part of a live tutorial session… The idea would be to have an instructor covering a specific topic in a highly interactive session for about 90 minutes. Would like a small group of no more than maybe 7 people… Lots of QA, discussions…best practices, etc.

To make it worth the while of the instructor, each person would pitch in 5 bucks… I know, the person giving the instructions is not going to get rich, but the idea is to give back to the community. Nothing is stopping from giving more though…! I would help facilitate getting instructors for the topic wanting to be covered.

Some topics I think would benefit the community would be:

  • Intro to C++ and the UE4 API. Understanding Macros, etc.
  • Intro to Blueprints
  • Understanding BP communications
  • UMG
  • Advanced UMG
  • Cascade
  • Material Editor
  • etc.

Also, nothing says that we would do this in a single 90 minute session… it could be over the course of many weeks…

YouTube videos are great, but sometimes I want to scream into the monitor and ask a question… SO, please think about this and suggest topics and also how often we would like to do this. I’ve ran this by Alexander and he said go for it. This is not an official Epic endevour, more of a community effort but as always, the community team is very supportive!

Suggestions / opinions welcome!


I’m learning Unreal Engine and I would be really interested in these Live Tutorials, my question is, would this be live streamed? or a real face to face meeting?
As I live in Bolvia, I woundn’t be able to attend so let me know if they are!


I’ve received some PM’s… Please post questions / suggestions here for all to have input on. In talking with fellow slackers, I may just put some sort of schedule together and see how many people we get to sign up. Thanks!


I’m learning Unreal Engine and I would be really interested in these Live Tutorials, my question is, would they be live streamed? or a real face to face meeting?
As I live in Bolvia, I woundn’t be able to attend so let me know if they are.

Thanks for the note… Yes, they would be streamed for later use. The goal is to have them interactive though…So, people can ask questions and have more involvement into the direction of the session. There will be a list of things covered, sure… Thanks!


I think it’s an excellent idea. There’s certainly a wealth of information in the community to be shared!

I’d need to do some test runs before I’d be comfortable ever trying to do a live session myself due to health reasons, but I know we have a lot of excellent instructors. Whatever I can do to help facilitate things, let me know!

As ive been working with unreal (mostly learning while im working on my own game) for a while, i’d really subscribe to your stream. Interactive learning sounds awesome!

Do you have a topic that you would like to cover? Thanks!


Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) should be something that’s discussed. Creating quality User Interfaces (UI), setting up different menu options, menu animations, etc. is something that isn’t discussed/taught enough compared to other subjects like AI, weapons and VR.

Can you do tutorials about c++ umg with creating variables from c++ to use in umg pleasea?

Hmmmm, maybe networking & some advanced AI with blueprints? Im not into C++ (ive worked with C# and others, but i find blueprints way easier so im not gonna dive into C++ until i learn the BP system 100%)

First and only bump… need a little more interest to move forward. It seems that people are OK with using YOUTUBE. (Which is totally fine, I use it!). Remember, the goal is to have a small cohort of people that learn as a group and have a highly interactive session… Questions or comments, please post here. Thanks!


How about source control? I hear a lot of people out there that just don’t either understand it, know how to use it, or what options are available. Also, I am cool with catching the YouTube videos at a later date, but probably won’t be able to commit the time for the live stream.

Source control is a very good topic…I’ve setup a perforce server on a digital ocean server… @Allar has an excellent tutorial located here:


That’s fantastic! +1 to @Allar! Still, I think it would be good to go into detail on what this means for those that don’t understand it.

Good point…!


An intro to modeling for arch Viz would be awesome :smiley:

It sounds nice, sure I’d be interested, and even I’m not a great game developer I’m willing to help. My skills shines in audio recording and editing and maybe preproduction with google apps so if I can be of any help please let me know.

This is a good idea,