Live feed to Sprite or HUD / In Game Screen

Hi all,

I have a quick question and not sure if this has been posted in the right thread. I would like to pipe live text data to a Sprite in Unreal that updates once the build has gone live - an example of what I would like to include is varying WindSpeed recorded in MPH and shown in real time using a Sprite or other object in Unreal. This seems like a relatively easy to solve issue however I have no idea how to get started. Would I be able to do this with blueprints? or would this be a C++ script?

thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

This would more than likely be a combination of C++ and UMG for ease of use. The easiest way would be to have the client send a request to a web server that has the windspeed and the web server would send the speed back to the client. That would have to be handled in C++, but you could use UMG as the actual display.
You could probably use this as an example.

Thank you zacharymwade, I’ll explore this later, when I work out where to get started - I guess with the UMG and reading inputs :slight_smile: thanks - this really is a great help …