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Live Editor was a plug-in that I believe was functional in earlier days of UE4. This was possibly before 4.2, but it seems to crash the editor since about 4.3. There have been a few posts here about it, but they haven’t been answered yet. However, recently it looks like some changes we’re made to the plug-in, as I don’t see the same nodes available in Blueprint that I tested with previously, but there isn’t any documentation on these changes.

Live Editor would allow live visuals artists to control Unreal in real-time with MIDI hardware, which would really expand it’s uses!

HI ianoreo,

I have looked into this a little bit and unfortunately this feature is still in experimental state and has no docs or tutorials at this time. I see that in another of your posts you mention that you have the ability to create your project using portmidi library and C++. I know that this is not your preferred method, but it may be your only option at this point. I am including a link to the trello roadmap page in case you don’t already have it.

This will allow you to vote on which features you think we should concentrate on going forward. I will make sure to keep an eye on this particular feature and I will let you know when changes are being made.

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Hi , thanks for your response! Do you know if the plugin is at least not crashing the editor anymore? I don’t think we need documentation yet, it would just be nice to know how to access it within blueprint. Right now we’re kinda limited to turning all of our midi controls into key press signals, and direct MIDI would just be a lot more efficient.


Hi ianoreo,

Sorry for the long time between responses I had to do some serious digging to find anything about Liveeditor plugin, but I think that I may have uncovered some leads. I was able to duplicate the crash locally once, but not reliably. In looking around I ran into this:

Which seems to be a Github submission containing a fix for a crash in Liveeditor
The modified github branch is located here:
I’m not making any promises about this because it is a bit of a longshot, but If you are able would you mind downloading this version of the engine, building it and seeing if this solves the problem?


Hi ,

I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into figuring this out! I downloaded and built from the fork and did some tests. Live Editor is definitely seeing my MIDI devices in the dedicated window for the plug-in. However, it appears the editor is still crashing on the call of the “Register Live Edit Event” node. I’m doing this test on Mac though, and it looks like this pull request was a fix for windows? I’m going to test on my Windows machine tomorrow and report back. Really appreciate the help so far though, thank you. I’ll report back here when I’ve tried on Windows!

If I can ask, how are you calling the Live Editor nodes? I also want to make sure I’m not setting things up incorrectly.



I wrote the github commit linked in the above comment. This was purely a fix for Windows 8 and Server 2012…

Due to its implementation, I would not be surprised if Mac was not supported. I just tried it on Windows on 4.7.2 and it appears to be working fine.

Hi Allar,

Thanks for the reply! That’s what I figured…glad to hear it’s functioning on Windows though! How do you set up Live editor within your blueprint? Again, I just want to make sure I’m even setting everything up properly.

Hello, I made a blueprint Live Editor and signed a note from my controller answering the result on the screen …

I just get 0/1 for Notes On / Off

And I get 0/65/64 Fixed values for controls …

Am I doing something wrong ?? Values should not return from 0 to 127 ???

Where can I download the Live Editor Plugin?

No need to download. It’s included in the UE4. Just go to Menu > Window > Plugins > Input Devices > Live Editor and set to enabled.

Hi Allar, the plugin seems to crash the editor in windows 10 - would there be a new fix for it as you did for 8/server 2012?

Hello, did you ever get this working?

I’m very interested in using Live Editor, but I can’t find any documentation, and I’m not sure where to start/what nodes to use.

I’ve enabled the plug-in, and calibrated my midi controller with windows>developer tools> live editor.

If anyone had a blueprint example I would be forever indebted! Happy to make some assets in exchange!


can you share your example project ?

Anyone know if the Live Editor plugin that was available at one point is still around to add back in as option to enable?

And today please ? The Live Editor Plugin is not on the plugins space ? Help me please :€