Live Editor for team working

I’m a beginner in UE4, and I search a Live Editor plugin for team working,
Please help me !
Thank you
PS: Like that :

multiEdit seems to have died, there was a plugin called Mapsync but its dead too, last update was for 4.14…validated=true

Edit: forgot to mention, last year my class was split into 3 groups from 6 to 12 people, making 3 separate games for a indi games convention.
I led one group and was co lead for the other 2 as well.
noone else in the class had had any experience in ue4 and they were all hesitant to follow my advice. long story short, i had my team on perforce, each working like this:
first i had the persistent level, with lighting, day night cycle and landscape. i then had a base streaming level that was always loaded, and each person in my team worked on another streaming level called their name. each member could work on asset placement in that level, then perforce would update everyone’s project at the end of the day. i would then load up all levels each day and select each ones actors and move them to the base streaming level, and resync back to perforce.
one team adopted my way around 2 months in, but the 3rd and largest did not. by the 5th month they had 19, yes 19 different versions of the project across 2 different engine versions and spent around 3 weeks merging it all by hand.

now it wasnt “live” but it saved weeks of planning as all we had to do was a quick sync anytime we needed to, sometimes i did 10+ syncs a day but it only took like 5 mins each time

Perforce helps a lot with this. When if you have 4 level designers have them each make their own sublevel to work on per map. This way you can quickly pull down other peoples work and not affect anyone else while working. Just have your level lead combine any levels that need to be combined before packing and shipping. Can get full 20-30k object levels out in a few weeks without much effort.

exactly what i said lol