Live Debug Log of Blueprint Event Names

I am on a project where I will be adding sound to class blueprints that have already been created and implemented by other parts of the team such as visual effects, impacts and exploders. I need to see a live debug log listing blueprints as they trigger in game and hopefully the directory they are from in the Content Browser. I am not seeing anything in the Output Log that filters for Blueprint events. Is there another way to view the name of blueprints as they are triggering live in the game so I can search out items that might still be missing sound effects?

I took a look at the Blueprint Debugger but it is not giving me the live list of Class Blueprints as they trigger I am hoping to see.


Maybe somebody else can answer better for you but you should be able to search in BP any particular event if you know what to search for.

This is not really a parse-able question as blueprints don’t really “trigger”, though I suppose you could rig up logging on when BPs get loaded, though it would probably be laborious and not too useful.

I recommend working with your team to understand the existing BP scripts which have been created and that you need to work with. There’s not any automagical way to make that easier than just loading up BP scripts and studying them (or asking your team for script walkthroughs).

Rather than working in a bunch of different scripts which aren’t owned by you (or your audio team), it might be best to create your own audio BP scripts you can control and work in without breaking existing functionality, and create a BP event interface or function interface that lets you communicate from other BP scripts to your BP scripts.