Live Coding not detecting changes

Hello Community!

I was trying out the Live Coding Feature and was just trying to change a few things in the .cpp side of things (just adding a log). However, It appears that the Live Coding feature doesn’t detect the change after having the feature enabled and compiling with Ctrl+Alt+F11. It does compile, but no changes are detected.

I’m using VS 2017. Is this a VS 2019 feature only? is there something else I need in order to make this work?

Solving my own problem here… Little did I know that I have to save the file I edited and then Ctrl+Alt+F11 to trigger a new change to the file. I must say super powerful :smiley: ! Can edit code literally at runtime!

hey @CHADALAK1 people thinks ray tracing was the best feature of this release, but they are just wrong. Live coding is by far the best addition ever for UE4, this even works for plugins, best #$=%& ever, I just wanted to say

It’s the unsung hero of 4.22 :wink:

it’d be great if ctrl-alt-f11 triggered a “save all open files” first… as well as if the Live Coding log window remembered it’s size/position. :smiley: