Live capture of a camera input via capture card?

Hello all you brilliant people on the Unreal Forum.

I am in early beginning of developing a possible setup for a project of mine where I would like to take a live video stream in to Unreal Engine via the Black Magic Dlink card. Is this possible? I have read a lot about the Kinnect 4 unreal and I can see that that can do that via the plugin and SDK but have anyone successfully done the same via a capture card?

The idea is having a the live keying a person in a green screen environment, then setting the actor in to a live environment in unreal. You can imagine this could be an interesting setup for doing pre-visualization as you can do a TON more easily within the live engine than you can from a setup within Montion Builder and such.

I have done extensive googling but have come up empty handed so I turn to you all for help.

All the best

Jaeger Jensen