Live Audio Playback/ Record

Is there in UE4 or coming on UE5 a feature to bring in real-time live audio from a Microphone or Audio Interface into a game as you play it? I know Live-link can use the FaceAR tech and animations and all that can follow that. But is that possible with Audio Input?

If so, with UE5 metasounds, is it possible to bring a Live Sound as Input and make it play in-game from a specific location? For example, if you’re playing a Multiplayer game and you and a friend meet and both have a way to record their faces and bodies as they move and talk to each other. Can they hear each other as if their audio is coming from their character?

For UE4 we already have the capture component, which takes your OS default recording device(so our voice, guitar or some app, up to you to route it).
Then we have it in-engine as a normal source.
We can spatialize it in the world, put effects on, use it to visualize stuff…All of that!
BUT, it’s not made for multiplayer. Sending audio like that is tricky. Haven’t looked into it, but I believe we have the “voipTalker” for that.

Actually with 4.27 bringing EOS(epic online system), that might be the way.
EOS voice: