Live Animated 3D Desktop Wallpaper Maker [OPEN SOURCE]

Live Animated 3D Wallpaper Maker in UE4 About: Dynamic Desktop Wallpaper tool made using UE4 in C++ and BP.:cool:
**WATCH VIDEO DEMO: UE4 3D Animated Wallpaper Engine [Open Source] - YouTube

Github Link:**

This is an open source project I worked on in UE4, it contains C++ functionality that can be easily called in Blueprints. It’s a project showcasing the use of threads in UE4 and how to make BP callable functions in C++.

This project uses Victory plugin in order to use certain BP nodes. Here is the official plugin page: GitHub - EverNewJoy/VictoryPlugin: Rama's Victory BP Plugin

PS: the FPS is dropped due to the memory usage in the project so please share any changes to the code to help improve the performance, all suggestions are welcomed. Projected initially created in Unreal Engine 4.24 Contents:
This is a full project containing a simple third person map with a camera that uses a C++ function that can be called easily in Blueprint. The camera Blueprint captures live game-play and displays it on your desktop. There are 2 C++ functions included, by default the project uses the threaded version. For performance purposes the user can easily change the frame delay as well as texture quality(1-6) inside the options menu. For Maximum performance the delay should be set to 0, and the texture quality is set to 6.

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Never thought about something like this, but thank you for sharing it with the community!