Live Action Short Film [IN-FINITE] made with help of UE4

Hey guys,

I finally got some guts to actually include the UE4 into my live action production. I’m working with the UE4 for a while now. I started working on Game Trailers about two years ago and had a first touch with cutscenes. Then I started building my own little experiements and learned a lot.

However my new short film required some CG shots which I could make with majorly free assets from the UE store I gathered over the years.

The Films name is IN-FINITE and is a science fiction about human beings, which are finite but have the ability to create art into eternity.

I already made a little behind the scenes too but because I wanted to submit the film to the rode reel festival this year, I had to rush it:

I plan to do an UE centred behind the scenes. The whole thing helped us a lot. I plugged my TV into my computer, so we could use it as a backscreen for the landing pod interrior. We also had some renderings out of the engine like the wolves or background for the greenscreen shots.

Let me know what you think and what interests you, so I can include it into my upcomming UE4 behind the scenes :slight_smile: