Little Question: How would you use World Composition (in larger Levels)

Hello UE4 Community!
I wanna create a larger level for a small multiplayer open world game. I know how to use** Word Composition** but i have one question.
What is better for the player / game performance when i use “World Composition”:

  1. Create the “Main Level” with just a skybox and then new “sub”-level with the terrain parts and the 3D Models such as buildings / foilage -> The player loads smaller parts everytime of the landscape


  1. Create the “Main Level” with a skybox AND the Terrain - and add new sublevels with the 3d models (buildings, roads, foilage … ) → The player loads the full landscape directly and only the 3d models after distance X

How do games like h1z1 or pubg do this? Or what do you think is better?

I hope some of you more professional UE4 Users (than me) can give me an advice for this :slight_smile:
Thank you!

*sorry for my bad english, iam learning it :slight_smile:

Performance-wise keeping terrain in sublevels might help, UE4 has a built in feature where you can generate a low-poly mesh version of your terrain and have it show in the distance.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
So i should create my Terrain in sub levels and then generator it as a separate Low poly Static Mesh and Insert it in my Level as background Object ? :slight_smile:

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