Little problem with animation (DCC looks OK, imported fbx dont)

A friend (modeler) and I (coder) are working on a idea, well, we have a problem with one animation the majority of the others (walki, jump, punch and so on) seem ok (havent checked them in detail, because havent used them).

This animation is the contact with the floor, you can see that in the DCC it looks smooth (I slowed down the capture), but in UE it looks like the lips pierce in the up of the mouth.

Sorry for not being able to slow down the capture of the in game animation.

What we can do to correct this?

Edit, added a slow mo capture of UE playing the anim… I will go double check my state machine and transitions from falling to contact and the next anim idle in this case, but could be walk…


finally I got how to slow dan in animation tab, so I take another shoot of the animation, any hints?

You can see here how the mouth do a extrange thing…

Also from the play anim in UE4 (playing again and again only this animation)

I put again because the remote image was deleted and I didnt see until I review it now (now I created a imgur profile… to be able to upload large gifs).


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Looks to me like there might be bone scale on the head bone in there - have you checked the original keys?

After your suggestion I did look there are no scale on the head bone on the original model/anim, but there are some constraints (the white square) on the floor that I think “dislocate” the bones… maybe UE doesnt support this type of constraints on the floor, if pssible will take another gif for show you, but I will ask for an “alternative way” to my artist to make this “on ground compression”.