Little House with Static Meshes?

Hi guys, I’m really new to UE4 (I come from Unity) and i’m trying to learn and and to improve my skills.

In this moment, i’m trying to do a little project for myself. I want to make a little map with a couple of different buildings; for this, I need to make 2/3 different buildings with door frames and windows frames, save them in the project folder (just like a unity prefab), and place them in the map.
I made a couple of different buildings using the BSP brushes, and they looked fine. But I discovered i can’t save the building as a prefab (Blueprint class in UE4, i’m still learning :P) with the BSP brushes, I need to make the buildings with static meshes. Instead, with the meshes, I can’t open doors and windows frames.

> Using BSP Brushes, i can’t save the building
> Using Static Meshes i can’t open doorways and windows.

What I can do? Help please!

That’s not a very good workflow. UE4 doesn’t have prefabs like what Unity has, you can try to construct things with Blueprints though that’s a bit time consuming (hopefully they design a better solution). But your issue is that you’re trying to make things with BSP which really isn’t designed for that. To be able to do what you want, you’ll need to construct things separately and then convert them to static meshes and then place them into the scene, for things like doors or anything that needs to move you’ll need to adjust the pivot of the object so that it’s in the right location so that you can move/rotate it correctly.
It would be better for you to construct it in Blender which gives you much more control.

So, you’re saying that I have to make (for example) a wall with a doorway and a window in Maya or Blender?
That’s will be a problem, because i’m not a 3d artist, i’m a game/level design student and i don’t know how to use that tools :confused:

When you want to build basic houses of shapes, use cube/cone/basic shapes and scale them like you want, activate gridsnapping before placing. Check location in the details tab, when you want to snap a fresh dragged onto one still placed asset.
I could suggest you SuperGrid Starter pack in Environments - UE Marketplace
It’s cheap and filled with cool usable, well documented documented beginner stuff.
I would suggest to look into blender and start learning modular basic shapes, Google

Ok, I will take a look, thanks!