Little help with binding Input Chords and using them on the Editor

Hey there guys.

I’m trying to bind some commands on to a Slate Widget that is on editor window… but it isn’t working… My choices are:

  1. I’m doing this totally wrong
  2. I don’t have focus for some reason

Here’s my code:

//Create the Command mapping
FExecuteAction::CreateSP(this, &SPaperZDMySequences::HandleDeleteSelectedAnimSequence),

Where the commands are declared like this:

UI_COMMAND(DeleteAnimSequence, “Delete”, “Deletes an AnimSequence, unregistering from the Animation Blueprint”, EUserInterfaceActionType::Button, FInputChord(EKeys::Platform_Delete));

But this isn’t working… is there something else i’m missing on how to provide linkage to my commands via pressing DELETE?


I will bump it this time only… assuming no one has any idea what could be happening here

Lol 2018, here is another poor soul having the same problem 2 years later, haha I just love the lack of answers in the forums always, time to read the source once I again, why do I bother

I forgot about this, in case someone is looking for a solution couple years after, here:

IMainFrameModule& MainFrame = FModuleManager::Get().LoadModuleChecked<IMainFrameModule>(“MainFrame”);

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Thx for the tips.

Wow @ZkarmaKun ! This saved me. Thank you very much!
This was indeed very hidden for me. I would never find it by myself.