Little help with a MOD Causing an error on a server

so seems like my mod is giving this error:


Anyone know what might cause this?

The first line is a prime suspect.

You’ve done something to/with an inventory the server/client does not like.


ok but what and where if my mod isnt a full conversion mod it should effect the main core files should it?

This has nothing to do with the type of mod.

Your mod is trying to do something it’s - basically - not allowed to.

Look at your mod, look at where you’ve done things to inventory components. Those will be your primary targets for finding the error.


Not sure where the error is I looked in all my inventory files and have yet to find what’s causing the error

Could a item missing or requiring inventory file be causing this?

so i have checked everything even the refresh interval on all the items i added that have an inventory and they are all set to 5.0 i dunno what causing this and it not all servers have this issue its only a hand full of ppl having this issue wish maybe a dev or someone would help me out with this or give me some insight of what might be causing this thanks!