Little help on UE and content creation


I’m thinking about creating some asset packs (weapons, for example) for UE Marketplace. Obviously, I’m a modeller and don’t have any knowledge of UE, and that kinda represents the level of my needs. Do I still have to pay for full version of UE even if I’m not going to use 99 % of it’s power? Is there’s some free lite version of UE for modellers?

You can pay the subscription once, cancel it, then keep using the version you got access to indefinitely.

That doesn’t sounds legal to me…:smiley: Or is it?

Yes it is perfectly legal :slight_smile:

Here is a quote from the FAQ:

Well, then everything’s OK.

Just note that you will only be able to use the version you download during your subscription, paying the $20 once will give you a 30 day sub, so if version 4.6 comes out in the next 30 days you will be able to download it as well as the current/previous versions.

You can re-sub for a month at any time to get the latest version as well in the future, if you are putting items onto the marketplace you will want to support the latest version. For models that isn’t really an, but other things such as materials, animations, blueprints etc, you will need to make sure there aren’t any issues with the newest version. :slight_smile: