little help here!

i just got crazy in building beautiful things and found unreal engine would cost me 32 gb of my laptop c disk, which has only 32 gb in total, which means no further downalods could be down to my laptop, what do i do now? i saw marketplace downlaoded few mega scenes, created 3d animated characters but ouldnt downlaod the game engine, so i cannot edit the scenes right?

You need UE4 installed to create Unreal scenes. You could remove stuff from your C: Drive to make room, get a new HD with more room, or get some external storage with usb or cloud storage. I would recommend making enough room on your C drive to install UE4 though while having extra for the project and asset files. If you want to make Beautiful Scenes I would recommend getting a new HD with a couple hundred gig extra for all the large multiple gig files you will be using from mega scans and the like.