Little bug, for big Engine!


this is a few bugs find on UE4.9.

Bounce projectile on Trigger Box:

  1. This is because in menu Details > Collision > Collision Preset, Trigger Box block all ! And even if we ignore all, projectile is always block. It’s intersting to know we can change behaviour’s object each other. So option we have to change is:
    From another post and edit by me:

    Go to project setting, browse to collision.

    Click new object channel, create a Object channel. Name it Projectile, default response block.

    Expand preset at bottom: add new preset, name it Projectile as well, Collision enabled - No physical collision. Object type choose Projectile which is one you just created in preious step.

    Accept and close project setting.

    Go to blueprints, open FirstPersonProjectiles blueprints

    Select Collision Component from Component list.

    In details pane, scroll down to Collision. under collision presets, select Projectile. (I think Custom is better because we can allow user Pawn to triggerbox collision in different checkbox and of course Ignore projectile in top)

    Compile and save

    Go back to CanPickUp Blueprint, we have to select Custom on Preset Collision and check ignore on choice for our Preset Created.

  2. picker color of type Struct “LinearColor” is not active, we must edit one of value RGBA to enable picker color.

  3. In a BluePrint Interface, when we add an “out” element and we delete it, it disappear from list, but stay bisible on graph.

Hi kark69,

Thanks for feedback! It is difficult for us to address multiple issues on a single post, however, and we’d like you to create 3 new posts in Bug Reports section so we can track them better. For each of issues you listed above, create a new post with as much detail as possible, and I’ll make sure we get them looked at by right people. Thank you!