LITERUNNERZ .. Don't be to hard on me my first game ever

Just my dream to become a game dev and this is my first project just wanted to see what people think if you want to help me feel free to contact me thanks for checking it out :slight_smile: I have website its decent if interested and kickstarter :

you need create paths with the β€œcoins”, now lool like a random.

what do you mean ?

Trails with the collectible items.

oh to light the way interesting idea thank you

Great work, specially for a first game! The use of color to help guide the player is pretty clever.

Also, that wall sconce :wink:

Thank you so much for the encouragement :slight_smile:

Is the level procedurally generated?

I dont know what that means lol when you walk thro a trigger box it generates another tile :slight_smile: