Literal enums won't automatically compile

I am currently using ue4 4.6.1 and having this issue where literal enum r not compiling automatically at engine startup . They compile fine without error when compiled manually .

From what knowledge i get by searching it seems it is a known issue . I did some tests depending on that and here are my finding -

  • It happens only with custom made enums only .
  • It happens only when these enums are used as literal enums in custom made blueprints(haven’t tried in prebuild blueprint) .
  • This issue does not happen in level blueprint .
  • This issue happens in new projects also .

Hi devilhiyan,

Thanks for research! Would you be able to give me step-by-step instructions for reproducing this in a new project, with as many details as you can? That would help us identify bug so we can report it properly. Thanks!

Hi devilhiyan,

I haven’t heard back from you in a bit, so I’m resolving this post for tracking purposes. If you’re able to provide reproduction steps requested above, please feel free to comment here and we’ll look into it. Thanks!

As i updated ue4 version from 4.6 to 4.7 this issue has been fixed .
Thanks for looking into it .