Lite version of UE4

Any ideea on how to make UE run faster and use less resources? A “lite” version would really help. How come game engines like godot only have 30mbs and UE has 8GBs? It is nice to have all those features at your fingertips but personally, I’d have preferred the power of choice. I would like to choose what features to have and what to not have installed. It takes a century to load all the data and begin using the engine. Am I really the only one having those problems? Even if I would upgrade my PC it would still work slow.

Is there a barebones UE version?


Agreed! I’d love to get a lite version for my laptop. I can’t carry my PC to class and my laptop is not the best. A lite version is necessary

One already exists. See here:

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Is there a way to install without using epic games launcher? Because there’s only version 5, and 4.27 available there. Thank you!!

This isn’t really a question for the dev forums. There’s a different support channel for things like Launcher issues. :wink: But either way, if you search in some other Launcher threads on here, there are clues in there about how to get it to show older versions.

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