Listening to MouseX and MouseY axes: what are the values?

I have axis mappings that listen to MouseX and MouseY. I noticed when printing the axis values directly that they correspond neither to pixels nor to percentages of the screen. Here is my setup:



What do the axis values correspond to for MouseX and MouseY?

They are delta values. They are the distance travelled per tick. If you add the axis value to a variable each tick you should be able to get some kind of coordinates system.

For example - the faster you move the mouse the larger the number will be (positive or negative) with zero being no movement.

Thanks for replying!

I got this far. What I noticed though is that when you add up all delta values when moving your mouse from left to right, they don’t add up to the screen resolution or to 1. I want to know what kind of coordinate system it does work in.

You can use this to define your own coordinate system. You could clamp or scale the output to whatever you like. There is no system built into this function, its just showing you how far the mouse has moved since the last tick.

Here’s a blueprint.

It outputs to the screen the X and Y coordinates clamped to 1920x1080 - make sure you enable input on the blueprint

Thank you, I am utilizing the mouse deltas by scaling them. The values do represent how far the mouse has moved and that alone makes them very useful. I want to know though what that incoming value is, since its not distance in screen pixels.

To put it mathetmatically, the incoming AxisValue for MouseX and MouseY are proportional to how far the mouse has moved, but I was hoping someone could tell me what the ratio is! :slight_smile:

You might be asking the question - are the OS mouse driver settings for sensitivity and acceleration influencing AxisValues in the game. If they are then the ratio isn’t static. And if the ratio isn’t static then there isn’t enough info provided by InputAxis to understand what the user is really doing with the mouse.