Listener position not overriding

Hello Community!

I am working on a American football game where i want to set audio listener position to the character which currently has the ball and get the rotation from camera angle. Problem is that the listening position does not override like it has to.
When i play, it feels like the listening position is anchored to the position where the character starts (Middle of the field) when i run away from the mid point then all of the audio becomes fainter.
Also i can’t attach the ears to the camera as we are using camera manager and there is no mesh. Nor i can attach the ears to the ball since the tick is disabled occasionally on the ball BP.

Haven’t dealt with this kind of problem before and i’m to find a solution so any kind of help is much appreciated!

Where are you on this American football project?
I’m working on an RPG Football game, and I’m looking for some projects/assets that might save me some time. Mostly AI behavior. I have some ideas on how to implement first downs, etc, but I’d like to check some other projects out and see how they did it.

The project was scrapped but we fixed it, ill try to open the project and post here the solution.