Listen server host, Reference Accessed none

Hi I’m currently having trouble figuring out why the host of my listen server is not able to use the same reference as the clients.

I have the variable’s i need in the player controller (Works for the logic of game). When i use ability input on client it works fine and as expected. But for server or host the player controller reference returns nothing, And I’m not sure why?

This class is a child of bassclass, where the cast to PC variable is being declared and set on begin play. I’ve tested putting the cast to PC variable in same class, same behaviour (Which was expected).

Help will be appreciated

Adding run on server event on begin play in Current class isn’t changing anything?

Adding print string, to see what its returning. Just returns “None”

It would appear in this instance that I used the wrong node.

I used get controller in the base class where I’m setting this cast to variable & in my game mode default pawn is set to none that that’s what is was getting

when i swapped it to get player controller it specified what to get. still don’t know why clients where working tho, i assume because there later in the pipeline