List of Perforce and SVN hosts for UE4

I really don’t want to setup and maintain a source control server for our 2 man team and would rather pay a small price for a hosted solution. What service providers have you used and have had a good experience with?

From what I see so far these two have reasonable pricing for a tiny team (SVN) (SVN)

I personally use unfuddle (SVN). It is $3 per person and $3 per project (per month). So in you’re case you’re looking at $9 per month.

i use cloudforge. it works well; our team is 4 people and we are making a AAA quality game, so we may have to buy more than the 10GBs provided at some point. but $100 a year is hard to beat, and it is flexible.

I just wasted an entire day trying to get an existing UE4 project connected to SVN with cloudforge. All the ways I’ve tried look good in UE4 until it tries to finish the checkin and I get “the node … was not found”. I would love to know how your got your project setup.

Here’s how I have do it:

  1. Create a repo on CloudForge’s website.
  2. Create a UE4 project on your local machine.
  3. Have tortoiseSVN( or similar) svn client installed.
  4. Use the import command to do an initial commit into the CloudForge repo.
  5. Do a svn update on the project folder.
  6. Enter the source control info into the UE4 editor.
  7. Use source control as normal.

Yes, thats what I did in the end, however, #7 I was hoping to use UE4 to checkout/in but it fails or crashes 80% of the time so we have to use TortiseSVN or something similar. I had to disconnect UE4 from source control, just doesnt work.

after doing a check out in tortoise, it makes a .svn or _svn folder this is where the editor is looking for the nodeID and source control cache… after that is built you should be able to use the editor the do your source control operations… assuming you have 4.1 or later, as the svn binaries where not included in the editor until then.

i say this, having only done a few check-ins and mostly for test purposes; not everyday use.

UE4 shows it connected to source control, I get options to check out etc. But, check outs give generic errors and the logs in /saved didnt help either after 2hrs of researching. 4.2 and I followed these steps here to do the initial fetch of the repo after created in cloudforge A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums I also tried a checkout with tortise first instead of how the wiki suggests…didnt go well either. I know I should provide reproduction steps, but I’m swamped and spent wayyyyy to much time on this already for the quick demo we are building.

I recently made a tutorial on SVN. I personally use CloudForge and i really like it.

Assembla is also very good (both SVN and Perforce)

HA! I just linked to that as you wrote that comment. What that tutorial provides is strange setup to point all your projects at svn. The tutorial I need is one that works for 1 single UE4 project, and, that project must be an existing project not yet in SVN. Anyway, it would be great if you provided the explicit steps for that, including any tortoise integration and or copying folders around for an existing project.

Something like the following steps (which fails for me)…create new repo in cloudforge, use the UE4 svn command (per your wiki) to fetch repo, copy existing ue4 project into that folder, use tortoise to add to the ignore (saved dir etc), …then…either add/commit with tortise, or, do the add/commit with ue4 to connect. Then, UE4 workflow as normal with integrated SVN.

Well i never used tortoise so not sure how that works. My workflow is exactly like what i described in that tutorial. :slight_smile:

1: First i create a repo in CloudForge

2: Use cmd to checkout the entire project folder (eg: G:\UE4Projects)

3: Then copy the .svn folder to my game project (eg: G:\UE4Projects\RTSExample)

4: I can then open the RTS ExampleUE4 Project and give the SVN details and use it. :slight_smile: