List of Garbage Collected Objects

I’ve been struggling with the Garbage Collector for quite some time. Currently I am experiencing regular lag spikes whenever Garbage Collection runs (even in Shipping build). I know this can be fixed by reducing the amount of Objects the GC has to delete. The problem is, I’m not really sure which Objects to clean up. I’ve been looking around for some statistics or debug-output, to see which Objects the GC deletes when it runs, but can’t seem to find anything. All I found is the object list command, which prints a list of all objects, but this doesn’t really help, as it doesn’t display which objects are still active, and which will be deleted. If I knew which objects the GC deletes, I could either work with a pool of these objects, or destroy them manually as soon as they aren’t needed anymore, instead of waiting for garbage collection.

tl;dr: Is there some sort of console command or other way to see exactly which objects have been destroyed by the garbage collector?

Thanks in advance, Elewyth

Necroing this as we’re having the same issue. Would be great to see what’s pendingkill to figure out GC hits.

Did you guys find anything useful? It would also help me find a bug that makes the editor crash from time to time and its being hard to identify which is the object