List of favourite tools that help in the Architectural field for UE4

I’m thinking we could get a big list of programs, scripts, tools people are using right now to help them with their archvis work. Maybe some tools you are using for bump mapping? texture baking? UV processing

I’ll start.

I mainly go to 3dsmax-> UE4 so these are a couple of scripts I am using at the moment

**UV unwrapping **

you can beat the price(free) and the quality that steamroller does for processing lots of meshes at once, I hardly ever have to manually alter them.

UV normalising

Advanced UV Normalizer

A very underrated script, I use this to normalise all my material UVs so I can use the same size texture on each wall etc. The only problem I would have I would say is that if you would like to put on one of their materials on them meshes as a reference, if the mesh has multiple material ID’s they will get combined once exporting from 3ds max.

Object Rename

Because if you happen to have 2 objects with the same name in max, once imported in unreal, you’ll only see 1 item of the same name. I learned it the hard way.

Detach Faces V2**

Quickly detach all faces of an object. Useful to assign a lightmap to each face individually when you want maximum quality.

UCX Collision Box Maker

Duplicates a poly object into a UCX Box with naming convention.

IFC Import

3DS Max plugin to allow it to import IFC files