list of blueprint names in folder


Is it possible to get a list of actor blueprint names from a folder, using only blueprint code (and not c++).

For example, i have a folder called “Items”, and i have 3 blueprint actors called “Sword” “Axe” and “Mace”.
I want to have a loop which spawns these 3 actors when game begins. Next time i add blueprint “Dagger” to the folder and the same code would spawn 4 actors when game begins (the point would be that i wouldn’t have to change the code and hardcode class names).
Remeber, i’m hoping to be able to do this with blueprint code and not c++.


Not possible, very bad coding practice.
When you cook your game all files may change, or path to folder. Or what if epic at some point decides to keep all blueprints in one big binary file, and you coded half of your game loginc based on filenames in some folder?
You need to create some system for storing all that. Also read 4.15 release notes i think there was some new feature that just may do it, i did not used it yet so i am not sure what exactly it does.

Best approach for now is to read json file and populate your actors with information from it.