List of Black Fang Technologies Projects

I’m making this thread to serve as a consolidated guide to current projects under development by Black Fang Technologies and where to find their individual threads.

SciFi Warrior Viktor
SciFi military themed character suitable as a soldier or mercenary.

Submitted. Pending approval.

This a plugin that will create a skeleton inside your character by using a list of bone meshes. Suitable for quickly making undead versions of characters or for X-Ray effects.…72-Skeletronix

Available now.

Look Alive
This is a plugin that adds animated eye components with options for eye contact.…our-Characters

Available now. Recently revised to version 4.0 with better visuals and customization.

This is a VR motion gesture analysis plugin that uses blueprint pose assets with configurable criteria to perform inputs based on the player completing ordered sets of poses.
Early development with functional prototype.

Advanced Character Movement Component
This is a plugin containing an advanced character movement component with extra movement modes, arbitrary gravity, and VR support.…ment-Component
To be submitted pending successful multiplayer testing.

This a plugin for creating procedural spider webs and then converting them into static meshes.…356#post747356

Available now.

Obsidian RPG Weapons
Props pack of melee weapons made to look like they are forged from obsidian.…an-RPG-Weapons…an-rpg-weapons
Available now.

Frozen RPG Weapons
Props pack of role playing game weapons made to look like they are crafted from ice.…n-Weapons-Pack…en-rpg-weapons
Available now.

Bio Horror: Gliomorph
A character asset suitable to be a mutant, alien, or monster.

Available now.

Adventure Woman: Alexis
A realistic female protagonist character that wears a biker jacket.…c-woman-alexis…c-woman-alexis
Available now.

Xeno Runes, Symbols, Glyphs: Alien Alphabet Series…lphabet-series
Available Now. Check thread for marketplace links.

Updated with information on Frozen RPG Weapons and WebEZ. Also I added Marketplace links for those interested to take a look.

Updated Obsidian RPG Weapons now that it is released.

Updated with information on WebEZ now that it is released.

Updated with information on the Gliomorph.

Updated with information on Alexis, Alien Alphabet Series, etc.

Updated with link to the released Gliomorph.

Updated with a link to released Alexis.

Updated with the link to my thread on the latest character, Viktor.