list Level contents without loading the Level

Is there a way to list the contents of a Level without loading the level? I’m looping through maps and my script slows down as it goes along. I’d like to avoid loading maps, if there is a way to get a list of the map contents without loading it. Any suggestions?

I was running into this the other day too. Specifically I want the contained/placed actors, which do not seem to create reference connections to the level asset(s) in my case.

Did you ever find a solution, other than loading each map to sort through its contents?

I never did, but my slowing down problem went away - I think I was able to use unreal-Cmd.exe instead of unreal.exe to speed it up. This is what I’m doing, basically…

from unreal import AssetRegistryHelpers as AssetRegHelpers
from unreal import EditorLevelLibrary as ELL

asset_reg_h = AssetRegHelpers.get_asset_registry()
all_assets = asset_reg_h.get_assets_by_path('/Game/Maps', True)
for this_asset in all_assets:
    full_name = this_asset.get_full_name()
    this_type, this_path = full_name.split(" ")
    if this_type == "World":
        level_contents = ELL.get_all_level_actors()
        for item in level_contents: