Hello, I have a question about the license. I have a production company where we offer post-production services. We are a very small company with less than 1 million in annual revenue.

We have been hired by a bigger production company (they produce film, series, and television) to create some 3D animations for a television program spot that will air in a very large television network in Spain.

I wanted to use Unreal Engine software to make some animations. In this case, would the license be free because my company is small and we are the ones providing the services? The client is a very large company that surely has more than 1 million in revenue, but our company, which is the one providing the service, is very small and we have practically no revenue.

Thank you.

Hello Slimaik, Welcome to the Forums.

I can’t give you a definite answer, but I think the best link to point you to is this one.

I interpret the ‘You’ in the “You’re” of "If you're using Unreal Engine for commercial purposes, have generated more than **$1 million**" as separate from the television network you’re making an animation for.

There’s also a part in the FAQ that specifies " Unreal Subscription prices are determined by your annual gross company revenue ."

Hope that helps. Consider posting what you make in the ‘Showcase’ section of the Forums!