Lisbon Loft

Hello everyone,
we are a team of two. Maria, the architect and Miguel, designer.
The goal we set to ourselves was to make a house, in this case a classic Lisbon downtown apartment, to showcase the possibilities of using the Unreal Engine as ArchViz tool.
Also we would like to thank the community for being helpful in the forums, videos and the answerHub! This is not our primary field and the massive amount of information out there really help a lot.
This is our first completed project (we did participate in the Vineyard challenge, but do to inexperience and many technical problems, we were not happy with the results), we hope you guys enjoy and any feedback is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Update: We have made an Introduction Video for the project, let us know what you think! :slight_smile: Thanks!
Btw, sorry for the low res textures, but all the work was made on a 10 year old pc…

Looks great! There are only a few minor tweaks that I would recommend.

Images 1 and 2 are very bright. It took me a moment to understand what I was looking at in 5. The food on the table in 8 could use some texture work.

Overall, it looks like you prefer shallow depth of field to isolate everyday objects. This is a really cool look, but as a viewer I’m more interested in seeing how the space ties together and how the rooms connect to form a structure.

Your rendering is phenomenal. Way to go :slight_smile:

Really nice ArchViz project you got in there mate, maybe a little to much exposure, but otherwise looks great.
First time i see an engine “azulejos” render and they look awesome :smiley:

Many thanks SBiegun_PDG :slight_smile:
We agree that some images need some tweaking to get them at their best. We had some problems color correcting because the images we see inside unreal don’t come out as well after the high-res screenshot.
And yes with these images we tried to show the detail and attention we put in the project, there was a debate if we should showcase more open images but we still want to post a walkthrough video and a general presentation video. Hopefully we can give everyone a better sense of the whole appartment with those :wink:
Stay tune!!

Haha :smiley:
Indeed, we also thought that the “azuleijos” were a nice touch to the apartment.
Many thanks!

Yes, high-res screenshot does a horrible job (because it’s taking multiple screen shots and putting them together, which breaks things), I use Nvidia DSR to set my resolution to 5120 x 2880 and then take a normal screen shot.

Thanks for that tip ZacD!
We will certainly try that method. Luckily our 560ti supports that feature :smiley:

Performance might not be great on a 560ti, but you can easily change the resolution back and forth, I have noticed sometimes the viewport gets stuck in a lower resolution after dropping down the resolution (until restarting the editor), but it’s not a huge deal.

Yes it probably will struggle, we have constant crashes do to the lack of performance from the 560ti (especially the low vram). But we will give it a go and let you know :wink:

Video Update

Hello :slight_smile:

We have made a video presentation for the project, let us know what you think!