Linux Workspace Support (UE4.1)

Upon the deployment of UE4.1 with magical linux powers, I’ll be purchasing a copy of the editor (I only operate linux environments). Having not yet used the editor, I’m wondering if it will be possible to have separate different docks and windows, and then stick them into various X11 workspaces. This would greatly improve productivity on laptops - a big issue for me, as I travel a lot for my day job, and can’t drag a desktop computer around everywhere. If this isn’t currently possible, how difficult does the community suspect it would be to implement by modifying the code?

The 4.1 release only supports Linux game clients cross-compiled in Windows environment. Native Linux editor support is still a ways out.

Ways out as in half a year, a year or possibly longer? I am considering buying UE4 access due to your UT4 announcement but I work primarily on Linux doing both paid and unpaid programming.

According to roadmap they target May/June

Also i seen screens of UI already displaying on Linux flying on IRC :slight_smile: so i think no long wait, they use there own UI system called slate so there no need to port to GTK or QT just Slate needs X11 (and Wayland? :p) support