Linux UE5 Early Access

Hi folks, I’d like to raise a topic on UE5 for Linux users, as its my main platform I would like to see the possibility to build or download UE5 Early Access on Linux

Thanks alot

You can clone the UE5 repo from Github and build it on Linux, yes.

Requires you to link your EG account to GitHub and join the UE group, otherwise you will get a 404 error when attempting to get the source. Be nice if it just told you your not in the group and can’t get it.

Additionally I’m also wondering if the Windows UE5 engine can be used to create a Linux binary game? or must we use the Linux UE5 for Linux binary and Windows for windows etc…

@Jewniversal: Yes. Just make sure you use the “ue5-early-access” branch. You’ll need to set up GitHub with your Epic account as shown here:

@The_Riddick: Packaging a game for Linux from Windows is called Cross-Compilation. You can read about it here: