Linux, UE4, IDE Integration


am on Debian GNU/Linux 11, have UE4.26 release downloaded as zip from github, compiled successfully, editor starts, blueprint projects can be created. But needs to be very patient for things to happen.

Seems like I’m having a problem with IDE integration. I am used to Eclipse CDT, but I don’t insist on it. Searching the web I found that CodeLite can be integrated. I switched in the Editor settings to the CodeLite accessor, edited Engine/Config/Linux/LinuxConfig.ini setting to the CodeLite acessor, installed codelite and clang (is that really necessary ? No GCC support ?) from the repositories and am now trying to follow the ‘Artist Quickstart’ from the 4.26 documentation pages.

Problem is that each time I create a new C++ project the editor gives me a warning and closes:

[2021.05.27-09.36.12:331][355]LogCodeLiteAccessor: Warning: FCodeLiteSourceCodeAccessor::OpenSolution: “/usr/bin/codelite” “/home/kemde//Unreal_Projects/MyProject/MyProject.workspace”
[2021.05.27-09.36.12:332][355]LogHAL: Warning: Process (pid=7208) is still running - we will reap it in a waiter thread, but the thread handle is going to be leaked.

I found conflicting posts on the web, and a video series by Yaakuro (thanks for the efforts !) from 2015 but I don’t get over the first step that the editor and the ide are opened. It seems that the accesor that comes with the engine was made for CodeLite 8, but it is version 14 meanwhile, and possibly hypothetically probably that interface doesn’t work any more …

So, what is there to do to have the UE4Editor wotk with an IDE like CodeLite or Eclipse CDT on Linux ?

I am pretty sure I am missing something very basic. Any idea what that might be ?

Thanks !

Edit: Found my answer here: