Linux: UE4 Editor crashes when importing fbx over existing static mesh

Error-Type: Segmentation Fault (nullpointer)
Platform: Arch Linux 64 bit – NVidia GTX 760 (driver: nvidia package with version 346.59-1)
Branch: release branch (4.7.5 tag) (compiled by myself)

Howto reproduce:

  1. Put the attached fbx file somewhere outside your project (I’ve put it in my home directory)
  2. Open the UnrealEditor
  3. Create a new project (empty without starter content)
  4. Rightclick in the content browser and click on import to /Game…
  5. Choose the fbx file
  6. Use the default fbx import settings
  7. After succesfully importing the fbx file, repeat steps 4 … 6. (If being asked, overwrite all assets)
  8. => Crash


Hey -

Thank you for letting us know about this crash. I was able to reproduce this on my end and have submitted a bug report (UE-13605) for further investigation. As a workaround it appears that, when importing the FBX the first time, if you select “Import All” then re-importing the mesh will not cause a crash.