Linux Ubuntu Unreal Engine Downloader


I wrote a really small script for downloading the unreal engine for Linux, because I i did not wanted to go through all the steps each time a new version is released.

The Plug in works should work on ubuntu, does someone want to try?

What you have to do:

Download it from here

  1. cd in terminal to the directory where the executable is, then type:
  2. ./UnrealengineLoader (for the script in /Downloads do

 cd ~/Downloads && ./UnrealengineLoader

  1. Follow the the terminal:

  2. Install all depencies (root pw is needed)

  3. Dowload the engine from Github (make sure to connect your github account to Unreal)

  4. then maybe install some more software

  5. after that wait for a long time (compiling the engine etc. )

  6. Hope for the best

the end should be that the engine starts.

Its not a complex script. I made one in python, with a UI etc, but I cant find how to convert this to a executable which is working, so i made this small c++ version.

Maybe in some time I am advanced enough in c++ to create a UI version,** OR** Epic releases a luncher for linux :smiley: !

thanks for trying


Hi ,does it work well ,I met a issue of installing ,i have downloaded the source ,but just pass the compile ,this is my issue (shader compile err and head file no found !),any idea??