Linux Project Generation. (with QtCreator or whatnot )

I am trying to see if I can get project generation working on Linux from the start to the finish. From step one of creating a project to adding classes and code from UE4Editor into the project file on linux. The problem I am having right now is that UE4Editor project handling is fractured beyond belief. You have three things basically handling projects in UE4Editor. You first have UnrealBuildTool.exe when you initially generate a the Makefile/CMakesLists.txt and then you have the editor its self through GameProjectGeneration and also with the plugins like *SourceControlAccessors. For me I have iFires fork of his QtCreatorCodeAccessor to work with ( ) and I have for qmake pro file generation I modified the MakefFileGenerator.cs file to generate .pro files for QtCreator ( ) which I admit still needs work. The problem is when I generate a c++ project within the editor it will complain about not finding an IDE unless the QtCreatorSourceCodeAccess plugin is enabled but it will not using anything in it in the project generator as it will use the GameProjectGeneration module. So it will complain about not finding the IDE.

The reason for this post is I want to know if it would be possible to override part of a module that is needed for linux projects like this function bool GameProjectUtils::OpenCodeIDE(const FString& ProjectFile, FText& OutFailReason) without having to override the entire GenerateProjectGeneration module, and if it would be possible to do it within the QtCreatorSourceCodeAccess plugin, or would I need to create a second plugin to pull this off. And also would there be a away to create a plugin for UnrealBuildTool.exe to generate projects from the start to conform to what I am trying to do.

What determines weather or not a project generated is foreign and what one is not. A simple solution is to put the c++ code project in the root folder of UnrealEngine so that UnrealBuildTool.exe will add it to the initial Project files so you can just use make/QtCreator/CLion to build the project but that does not help with trying to have the same integration as there is with xcode and VisualStudio.

There are several issues I will need to work out but still hopefully this will help get things going in the right direction.

Wow, one year and no one solutions for this problem.