Linux - Problem creation C++ project


I have (i think sucessfully) installed UE4Editor. I can create a project from the wizard ONLY Blueprint project. And play around in the editor…

But if i want to create a c++ project, the following error appears: “No compoiler was found. In order to use a C++ template, you must install an IDE to edit source code…”

Until now i used for some OpenGL projects Netbeans and gcc. So, ide and compiler are insalled.
What do i have to do, to get this working?

greetings, ganymoe

Hi ganymoe

Officially, which means from Epics site, KDevelop is supported. In the community version we have a QTCreator plugin so that you can use QTCreator.
Make sure, in the case of KDevelop, you have the following lines in your Engine/Config/Linux/LinuxEngine.ini file:


and restart the Project Browser again. Hopefully you will be able to create C++ projects. Btw, if you create C++ projects you will usual have a regular Makefile and CMakeFile in your projects folder. You can use the Makefile to compile your stuff and use whichever editor you want. With the CMakeFile you can create project files for other build systems. But that is not so well tested.

Hi Yaakuro!

Late but (now) happy i got it running with the community version and qt-Creator!!!
Thank you very much!

Now i can start with the tutorials :wink:


Are you saying that you can code using QTCreator as the C++ code editor for UE4?? if you can … pls share how to do the setup please im trying to do this tutorial: so im pretty stuck i was trying to use gedit but i dont know how to build from gedit, im really lost at this point and doing some research i found out that qtCreator can be used as a editor intead of visual studio wich is not available for linux, so please i want to know how to setup qtCreator

-ty for your time and ty in advance :smiley:

btw i got this error: