Linux package doesn't work with 4.21 - regression?

I’m packaging a project to Linux. This worked nicely in 4.20, but with 4.21 I get:

LogPluginManager: Error: Unable to load plugin 'DatasmithImporter'. Aborting.


It looks like a regression from 4.20.

I can fix it by disabling the plugin before packaging the project, but is it really needed, or is it a bug?


At this time, the Datasmith plugin is only supported on Windows. This should be expected that the Datasmith plugin would need to be disabled prior to packaging for other platforms.

OK, thanks. However, I don’t understand why the plugin is required at runtime in the first place. Can’t you just make it editor-only?

We’re trying to deploy on Android and see a similar error message.
We can work around it by removing “Enterprise”:“true” in our .uproject file, but it’s a slow and tedious process since it requires an editor restart every time we need to test something on the device.

I completely agree, it should be marked editor-only if possible.