Linux Mint exiting editor freezes


Using: Desktop: Cinnamon 4.0.9 Distro: Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa (64-bit)
Editor: 4.21.2

Issue: when closing the editor - freezes the entire system, power button must be pressed and held until the system shuts off in order to get out of this freeze.

Processor: Core i7 - 8th Gen, 32 GB RAM, 700 GB free harddrive, Nvidia Geforce 1050 TI mobile. (this is a laptop - at school most of the time so cannot use my desktop which was made for Game Development)

SO - It runs smooth and fast, no issues while using it, I can even put it in sleep mode open it up and its still good to go with no hiccups (actually runs better than my desktop - that is another story). The only issue I have is when I go to shut it down, the editor closes I see the processes ending/finishing on the terminal then it just hangs - even after 30 minutes nothing…

Wanted to get this question out so someone might see it…
BUT later today, going to have a process manager open - see if its maxing the resources available…


Just found the log files for the project - last lines in one file say:
[2019.03.12-17.46.38:847][436]LogVulkanRHI: Warning: Suballocation(s) for Buffer 0x7fd4ec11cd90 were not released.
[2019.03.12-17.46.38:848][436]LogVulkanRHI: Warning: Suballocation(s) for Buffer 0x7fd4ec03e1a0 were not released.
[2019.03.12-17.46.38:849][436]LogVulkanRHI: Warning: Suballocation(s) for Buffer 0x7fd4ec0c30d0 were not released.
[2019.03.12-17.46.38:849][436]LogVulkanRHI: Warning: Suballocation(s) for Buffer 0x3641bf0 were not released.
[2019.03.12-17.46.38:936][436]LogVulkanRHI: Warning: Page allocation 0x1fe96e0 has unfreed Image resources

So this is an issue with Vulkan…??


  • Workaround, pass -opengl4 flag when starting the editor.
  • This might be still an issue the way UE4 is using the Vulkan API or the drivers of Nvidia itself. Try new drivers and see if it helps.

Hopefully in later releases, your issue will be gone.