Linux Mint, EMACS, No compiler found

Hi – I’ve followed the instructions [here][1] and [here][2] to install UE4, and the instructions [here][3] and [here][4] to set it to use EMACS.
However, I still get the “No compiler was found…” error message, and a greyed-out “Create Project” button that means I can’t create a C++ project, like this:

Can anyone offer me any advice as to how to proceed with this?
I’m really keen to get developing with UE4, but am rather struggling to get going!

Hey deathbybunnies-

If you’re trying to use EMacs on Linux, you will first need to edit the LinuxEngine.ini file. The section in the following link titled “Source Control Accessories” includes what edits need to be made and what you need to do after editing the .ini file. Let us know if you have any other questions.


Doug Wilson

Thanks for that, Doug – I’d followed those instructions, but still get the error.
However, it doesn’t really seem important, as I can still use EMACS to edit files, and UE4Editor to compile them, so everything’s good, so far. :slight_smile: