Linux/LinuxARM64 Not Available for Packaging

I’m running UE 5.2 on a x86-64 Mac and like to package the default First Person sample project and deploy it to an embedded Linux (aarch64) device, running Ubuntu 20.04. As shown in the screenshot, Linux and LinuxARM64 are selected in the Supported Platforms tab but they don’t appear in the Platforms dropdown menu. I’ve read the Managing Platforms in Unreal Editor documentation which mentions Setting Up Turnkey For Your Organization as a prerequisite. However, the dropdown menu doesn’t event have a Platforms With No Compiled Support option and there is no Engine/Build/Turnkey directory in my UE_5.2 folder (after a clean install).

How can I build, package and deploy a sample project to a Linux device?

I am trying to do it too, I need to build state server to running on ARM64 Platform.