Linux Dedicated Servers

Since the ARK Dev Team added Battleeye, Linux dedicated servers have not worked. on 235.5 I cannot connect to mine or anyone else’s linux server. They dont show up in the list and when you try to connect directly from steam, it gives you either a network error or says that support for battleeye is coming soon.

As the ARK Moderators are stingy and delete every thread where a single user says something hostile (even if the main portion of the thread is asking for legitimate information), the thread was deleted before any information could be obtained.

Has anyone here had any success in getting Linux Dedicated Servers working again?

I know this is normally not the right place for such a question, but I use it to test my mod more completely before release under the public modid, and the normal forums have been horrible.

I played on mine last night and this morning. Just connected again to verify. Running 235.3 on the server.

Ubuntu 15.10

jslay: I already updated it to 235.5… It was running 234 and went right to 235.5 on update… So yeah… I should rephrase… 235.5 Linux servers do not work.

Always welcome to make sure you can connect to 235.3 with my server if you want. If the pop goes to 0, ill update and give it a go, but we are about to hit prime and players are most likely about to be joining.

See if you can find DenverARK and connect in your list (you might get time outs during mod downloads).

You can always use the direct link @ as well.

Yeah it shows up jslay. I just reported the Ark Moderators to Steam Support… I’m really tired of this ****. What do we need battleeye AND VAC together for. One works fine.

“works fine” yet there are massive amounts of hackers/cheaters on official servers. No. VAC does not work fine. Ever play CG:GO? Uses VAC. Tons of hackers.

I cannot get my server to update to 235.5, furthest it goes is 235.3. Tested this with both of my linux servers.

i wonder if its a compatibility issue with the battleeye - has anyone checked the website for more info?

Upcoming Version: v235.6, ETA: Tonight

  • BattlEye Clients: Mac and Linux!
  • Fixed a Gallimimus passenger unboarding issue.
  • Fixed some servers displaying as BattlEye that weren’t actually.
  • French Translation v1! (Translated by Shadow, from , Myami and Abara)

If you wish to run your Unofficial Server with BattlEye, you can do so with -BattlEye (however, only functions with Windows servers currently). Note that BattlEye is currently not ready for Mac or Linus, so we have temporarily disabled the capability of Mac/Linux clients to connect to BattlEye servers. We hope to have this resolved within the coming few days. Thank you for your patience!

both are from the patch notes

haha … “Linus”

and now, after updating, im getting tons of “sound” errors (on load) causing my client to crash. wtf is going on ?

just went to 235.6 on both of my linux servers with no issues. players connect just fine and don’t have sound errors.

yeah i updated again and it seems to work fine now